About us

Renowned as one of Wales’ premier fitness destinations, Powerzone presents a cutting-edge gym experience accompanied by a vibrant and welcoming ambiance! With a recent investment of £70k, we’ve elevated our facilities, now boasting a collection of over 50 plate loaded machines, 30 pin loaded machines, and an expansive cardio section. Complementing these offerings is a fully-equipped boxing ring, punch bags, and an array of functional training equipment.

Our dumbbells scale up to an impressive 75kg, and we take pride in hosting some of the UK’s most exceptional athletes as they train with us. With operational hours spanning from 5 am to 11 pm, and bolstered by our state-of-the-art access control system, you’ll relish the sensation of owning your personal mega gym. Enhancing your fitness journey is our in-house supplements store, offering products at online prices, and our professional training (PT) sessions, commencing at £20 per hour.

Our Memberships

A variety of membership options are at your disposal, each offering complete access to our gym facilities spanning 5am to 11pm. For discounted memberships, valid proof is required for verification.

Cancellation policy

Here at Powerzone if you need to cancel your membership it must be in at the gym, via email or telephone with 30 day’s notice termination of agreement, if you cancel at the bank you will be liable to pay all outstanding fees

Corporate deals

Here at Powerzone we are looking to network with local businesses to improve you employees fitness, productivity leading to lower sickness percentage, tailored packages to suit your business needs

Students & Discounted (NHS, 50's+)

  • £8.00 per session
  • £15.00 per week
  • £30 per month
  • £300 per year

Standard Membership

  • £8.00 per session
  • £15.00 per week
  • £35 per month
  • £325 per year


  • £8.00 per session
  • £15.00 per week
  • £50 per month
  • Please Enquire


Flexible membership packages to suit everyone, including military/services discount